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New Game!

2008-04-07 14:13:41 by Kempt

Hi All! Well at last we have a new game out! This one is classic arcade action, hope you enjoy it!


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2008-04-09 22:09:55

Wicked game. Very addictive. :S


2008-04-13 07:20:28

It's a cool game like Adamjack said its very addictive!


2008-10-23 11:00:15

Just wrote a review for ya, it wasn't detailed enough.. just wanted to note that you got an awesome art style. I just checked out your King of Air Guitar and love it. Really interested in seeing your other stuff. Keep up the good work.


2009-08-07 05:24:01

Yeah, it'd be nice if you kept your comissioned work off the site though. I don't come here to play an advertisement that doesn't support THIS site.


2009-10-21 09:36:58

why in the world do you delete comments about a game that doesn't work when its not even fixed??? Be Unique is hopeless.. fix it or get it of NG!